Preparation and Implementation of Forest Development Plans
Dunkley Lumber Ltd. TFL 53
Forest Development Plan
Forest Development Plan
Tanizul Timber Ltd. TFL 42
Forest Development Plan
Carrier Lumber Ltd. FL A18158
Forest Development Plan
Forest Development Plan
Forest Development Plan
Forest Development Plan
Preparation and implementation of a Total Resource Plan for the Colbourne Creek and Missinka River drainages (F.L. A18158)
Preparation of Forest Management Plan Vesco Contracting Ltd. and the Fort Liard Métis 65000 m3 Annual Cut
Timber license applications (five year license)
Annual Plans
Road layout and design
Block layout
Silviculture Prescriptions
Harvesting Plans
Cutting Permit Administration
These projects include the preparation of logging plans, appraisals and Cutting Permit submissions. In addition Norcan has been involved with all aspects of tenure issuance and dealings with various agencies.
Dunkley Lumber Ltd. 1994
Tanizul Timber Ltd. 1994, 1995
Carrier Lumber Ltd. 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Road Layout, Design and Supervision
Dunkley Lumber Ltd. Maxwell Creek Main Access
1994 road deactivation program
Carrier Lumber Ltd. Woodpecker Operating Area Main Access