With the recognition of the value of heritage resources, developers are incorporating heritage concerns into the early planning stages of their projects. Norcan Consulting Ltd. offers a full range of services for detailed overview studies, sensitivity analysis, long range planning, and community consultation. We can also train personnel in heritage issues.

We believe that building capacity at the community level and within corporations is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a viable resource-based Industry. For communities and organizations, this means training staff so they can continue the work they are trained to do after the end of the project or process. Wherever possible, we include the transfer of skills and knowledge as part of its services to clients.

Education, Planning, Interpretation
Heritage resources are forming the basis of tourism development. Tourism facilities are, as well, often incorporated into local education curricula. Norcan Consulting Ltd. can assist heritage resource developers in the researching of relevant data and the planning, development, and implementation of education and interpretive programs. We can also assist in writing grant proposals and assessing site significance.