Heritage Resource Management
The importance of heritage resources is increasingly stressed in today’s society. Smaller archaeological sites and younger historical resources are being incorporated into the concept of cultural heritage. Developers are now required to mitigate development impacts on heritage resources. However, as recognition of the value of regional heritage resources and their importance to local communities broadens, development planners are increasingly required wherever possible to avoid affecting cultural resources at all. Accomplishing this end requires a strong and early understanding of the distribution and significance of heritage resources.
Development planners are demonstrating growing awareness of the value of heritage resources and are incorporating these resources into their designs. Value of investments is being increased through such diverse means as incorporation of historical architectural elements and artifact displays into contemporary buildings, inclusion of outdoor archaeological displays in green space and trail developments, and construction of small, profit making interpretive centers within projects.
Governments are taking advantage of cultural resources to assist the development of regions under their jurisdiction. Low cost, profit making investments in archaeological and historical resources attract tourists and provide employment to local people as well as providing benefits to associated industries including the forestry, oil and gas, accommodation, and food service industries. Local artists and crafts people also benefit from increased tourist presence. Norcan offers its clients a pivotal role in heritage resource planning.
Heritage Resource Impact Assessment and Mitigation
Despite the best efforts of planners, conflicts between development and heritage resources often cannot be avoided. In these instances, Norcan Consulting Ltd. offers a full range of heritage impact services including resource inventory, assessment, and mitigation studies. Norcan Consulting personnel have conducted projects for clients from a wide range of industries throughout much of Western Canada, including Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.